mt4 Harmonic pattern detector indicator

Are you tired of struggling with technical analysis ? Ready to start making money in forex consistently with the simple proven strategy ? The fact of the matter is making money in forex isn’t hard, difficult or complicated when you have the right tools so you are no longer blind to the best trades. When you use Harmonic Trading Indicator, you’ll know precisely when to make your move (read more on Harmonic Trading accuracy ratio). When you see the pattern in bold you trade, if the pattern isn’t there you don’t trade, it couldn’t be simplier. In this way you profit from the proven “best trades” and you ignore the vast majority of losing trades. No steep learning curve, no technical analysis is required. Look at the below chart (taken on 25 Mar 2011), do you see the amazing, highly profitable trade setups ? 1,2,3 or 4 setup? Hard to tell isn’t it ?
How many Harmonic Pattern Setup can you recognize ? Can you see 5 of them ?

See them below, there are total 5 Harmonic Patterns in this chart : ABCD, Butterfly, Bat, and Triangle (abcde). Note there are two butterfly patterns, and the indicator help you distinguish them by applying different colour, click the image to open a bigger one. It's increditble isn't it ? !!
Mt4 Harmonic indicator can detect ALL pattern types
Do you like this indicator ? Of course yes ! I myself like it very much ! If you do have a similar indicator, check your EURGBP weekly chart if it can help you fully detect ALL patterns or just 1 or 2. If so then your indicator is not properly configured to display all available patterns, you may miss many opportunities ! Mine is from this link Mt4 Harmonic Pattern Detector Indicator

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