How to trade harmonic pattern

You know that we have an indicator that can detect harmonic patterns, the bullish pattern will be painted in blue/green while the bearish one will be painted in red/pink for your best simulation, there is a rectangle box drawed at the end of the harmonic pattern to indicate the price zone where the pattern is valid and price change may be triggered anywhere inside that box, see sreenshot below :
The bearish pattern is painted in red, while the opposite is paited in blue
Ok next how we trade it ? What is the level to take profit and where to place stoploss ?
Now our pink prediction movement will come in handy, it shows the predicted move of the price in the near future. This indicator doesn’t only mirror the last move and reverse it like many others. But it really predicts the next move based on very complicated formula and market analysis. It’s used with both long term and short term chart. You can see how precisely it predicts below:
The pink line predict the future drop of EURUSD to 1.17 based on recent trend and oscillator change
And here is the actual drop of EURUSD, also to 1.17 range, pretty accurate !
The pink line is programmed to work with harmonic pattern indicator precisely
Here is another example of how you should interpret the chart with our indicators and where to place take profit and stop loss level :
Do you see the upward dash line trend line (yellow and red)?. These are useful as support/resistance
Our powerful Harmonic Chart Pattern detectors are reprogrammed with unique parameters to work precisely together and can detect the highest harmonic patterns (crab, gartley, bat, butterfly, ABCD, Head n Shoulder, abcde,....) and will draw the pattern on your chart automatically whenever it detect one and mention at top left coner whether the pattern is bullish or bearish, it will also draw a predict line to show how price would move and short term trend lines (the dash yellow and red trend line above), you can stick to these extremely useful trendlines to place your trades, especially pending orders. Our system contains a sound alarms and will trigger a pop up window mentioning the Harmonic Pattern details whenever it found one so you don't really need to stick your eyes at the screen. See more beautiful screenshots below :
2 overlapped bullish patterns indicate a strong and concrete UP move
Our system can detect all Harmonic Patterns, both bullish and bearish and graph them all on chart

Price is only 37( No expiration, no limitation, forever usage ) one time payment,  instant downloadYou will get : Manual instruction + template + custom indicators used in the system (work with all brokers MT4 platform)

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