Count Elliot Wave EURUSD should reach at least 1.5

This is EURUSD pair projection based on Elliott Wave analysis, the level 1.5140 should be reached before current rally pullback. This 1.5140 is also the target of FX strategist of MIGBANK. The screenshot was taken on 29 April and I have entered a LONG position at 1.4829. But 1.5000 is an important psychology level and I believe there are many pending Sell Limit Order ready here so I will put my Take Profit a bit lower: 1.4990, and will consider entering Long again around 1.48 - 1.4750 area afterward.
Currently there is no reliable software, tool, or indicator can count Elliott Wave precisely, everything is subjective. But there is one exception you can rely on, the above analysis is extracted automatically from Elliot Wave Analysis Counting Software.

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